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$40.00 USD
(3.0 oz / 90 mL)

Our body cremes are smooth, non greasy lush lotions that are designed to be used all over the body. Non-comedogenic and 100% natural using only plant derived ingredients, you can feel confident using our body cremes for deep moisturizing or tension and anxiety relief. 

With a heavy Linalool profile, our Rosewood creme is perfect for a relaxing, evening application.

What does it smell like?

It smells relaxingly botanical with a Linalool (think, lavender) profile - thank you, Rosewood and subtle earthy notes. You'll never have that artificial scent with these creams. Only natural, from-the-earth scents that also double as therapeutic scents. Breathe in deep as you apply to receive the therapeutic properties from botanicals and herbs like our St. Johnswort.

What does it feel like?

Light and smooth, creamy and luxurious. Never heavy as it is meant for use all over the body.

How do I use it?

Wherever you feel pain or tension, apply a small amount of cream and massage with intent. Layer more as you so desire. If using for hydration, apply as much as needed to the area. There really is no wrong way! Use at night for a relaxing experience to help you sleep more restfully.


  • Organic Plant Butters and Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Full Spectrum H*mp Extract - 500 mg C*D
  • 100% Organic Plant Extracts and Essential Oils
  • No Artificial or Fragrance Additives
  • Rosewood, Sandalwood, St Johnswort, Rose Absolute, Calendula, Sage 

*This product is a Full Spectrum H*mp Extract product that contains less than .3% T*C.

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