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PORTER BLUE X PEOPLE OF LEISURE - Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash

Sale price$198.00 USD

Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash

Step into a world where each thread weaves a story, and every stitch is a symbol of timeless artistry with the 'Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash'—a hallmark creation by People of Leisure in collaboration with Porter Blue. Crafted for the trailblazers who walk the earth with a gentle footprint, this pant is a love letter to the golden era of fashion, reimagined for the modern maven.

The 'Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash' is a sartorial masterpiece that marries the bohemian spirit with sustainable sophistication. High-rise waist hugs comfortably at just the right curves, leading to a bell-bottom flare that echoes the songs of the seventies. The tailored fit sculpts the silhouette, while the patch pockets and contrast stitching strike a balance between utility and flair. Each pant is a canvas of stonewashed denim, softened to perfection, with a stretch fabric composition that whispers freedom with every move.

From the whispering cotton fields to the bustling ateliers, the journey of the 'Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash' is steeped in integrity. Local growers, weavers, and tailors—guardians of their craft—come together to spin an eco-friendly fabric that tells of their toil and commitment. The inspiration? Those indomitable spirits of yesteryears, who walked the dusty roads of festivals and freedom marches, donning their flares with pride and purpose.

Sliding into these jeans is like stepping into a narrative of freedom and flair. This isn't just denim; it's a second skin that fits like a dream, moving with a grace that empowers your every step. Here's a pant that doesn't just wrap around your legs but also wraps you in the legacy of artisans who believe in the power of conscious creation. Wear them and you're not just making a fashion statement, you're echoing the ethos of luxury that's mindful, meaningful, and unapologetically human. Explore more eco-friendly options in our Bottoms Collection and join us in making a difference, one stitch at a time.

Ethically made in Sri Lanka


  • High-Rise Waist
  • Bell Bottom Flare
  • Patch Pockets
  • Contrast Stitching
    PORTER BLUE X PEOPLE OF LEISURE - Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash
    PORTER BLUE X PEOPLE OF LEISURE - Wanderer Flare Gracie Wash Sale price$198.00 USD