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Porter Blue X People of Leisure - Scrapwork Tote Bag

Sale price$108.00 USD

Origins of the Scrapwork Tote

Phase 1 - Curating the Canvas of Sustainability

Our journey begins in the heart of our shared cutting room, where we meticulously gather remnants of fabric. These aren't just any scraps; they're a curated collection from our brand's leftover patterns and those of our conscientious peers. In every industry corner, pattern wastage is an enduring challenge, and our mission transcends beyond our label, aspiring to a broader environmental stewardship.

Phase 2 - The Art of Transformation

Months of gathering have blessed us with a diverse variety of fabrics, each piece with a unique hue, texture, and charm. This kaleidoscope of materials undergoes a thorough cleaning process, followed by a creative endeavor of cutting and rearranging into various geometric shapes. This stage is less about procedure and more about the playfulness of design, where patchwork patterns are not just imagined but brought to life.

Phase 3 - From Vision to Reality

With pen poised and hands guided by passion, we delved into these vibrant scraps, weaving them together. The result? The "Scrapwork Tote Bag" – an embodiment of our commitment to up-cycling. This tote is our first venture into 100% up-cycled design, each stitch narrating a tale of environmental consciousness fused with artisanal craftsmanship.

Your Piece of Artisanal Consciousness

When you choose the Scrapwork Tote, you're embracing a piece of ethical artistry. Crafted entirely from repurposed materials, each tote is a unique masterpiece, reflecting a journey of thoughtful creation and sustainable fashion. Indulge in the luxury of eco-conscious elegance with the Scrapwork Tote – where style meets sustainability.

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Porter Blue X People of Leisure - Scrapwork Tote Bag
Porter Blue X People of Leisure - Scrapwork Tote Bag Sale price$108.00 USD