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Liz Ring

Sale price$165.00 USD

Laura Elizabeth | Liz Ring

  • Cast in 100% recycled brass & 14 karat-gold/sterling silver plated
  • Ring was sustainably cast in downtown Los Angeles 
  • Ring is easily adjustable
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry - making it nontoxic

Liz, or as I like to call her, "Mama Liz" is the biggest lover of love I know. Liz feels all the feels. She and her wife, Kim (find ring named after Kim) reached out and held me both metaphorically and physically in the days and months after my husband and I split up. As uncomfortable as I'm sure it was for her, Liz listened. She held me and she looked into my eyes with pure love and empathy. That takes strength. So many people around me at the time pulled away. Not Liz. She checked in on me. She and Kim hosted sleepovers, too. Man, am I lucky to call these two mamas my friends.

Liz Ring
Liz Ring Sale price$165.00 USD