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3 Baguette Equilibrium Ring
3 Baguette Necklace
3 Champagne Diamond Equilibrium Ring
3 Diamond Necklace
3 Emerald Necklace
3 Opal Equilibrium Ring
3 Rose Cut Blue Sapphire Equilibrium Necklace
3S Black Diamond Necklace
3S Diamond Ring
Jennie Kwon Designs
3S Diamond Ring Sale price$768.00 USD
3S Necklace in Emerald
Apollo Ring
Tarin Thomas
Apollo Ring Sale priceFrom $198.00 USD
Asher Ring - Black Diamond
Tarin Thomas
Asher Ring - Black Diamond Sale priceFrom $148.00 USD
Augustus Ring
Tarin Thomas
Augustus Ring Sale priceFrom $198.00 USD
B/W Diamond Eternity Band
B/W Diamond Eternity Band Sale price$850.00 USD
Baby Signet Diamond Ring
Baby Signet Diamond Ring Sale price$552.00 USD
Baguette Emerald Lace Necklace
Baguette Emerald Petite Equilibrium Ring
Baguette Float Ring
Baguette Wave Band
Baguette Wave Necklace
Jennie Kwon Designs
Baguette Wave Necklace Sale price$685.00 USD Regular price$741.00 USD
Black Diamond Cobblestone Ring
Black Diamond Equilibrium Point Ring
Black Diamond Trio Equilibrium Ring
Blue Sapphire Aria Necklace
Blue Sapphire Aria Ring
Blue Sapphire Baguette Round Form Necklace
Blue Sapphire Baguette Solitare Ring
Blue Sapphire Bezel Equilibrium Cuff Ring
Blue Sapphire Cobblestone Ring
Blue Sapphire Contour Ring
Blue Sapphire Contour Ring Sale price$650.00 USD
Blue Sapphire EC Necklace
Blue Sapphire Largo Ring
Blue Sapphire Marquise Ring
Blue Sapphire Marquise Ring Sale price$550.00 USD
Blue Sapphire Mazurka Necklace
Blue Sapphire Petite Deco Era Ring
Blue Sapphire Tile Necklace
Brick Chain Necklace
Brick Chain Necklace Sale price$594.00 USD
CGW Necklace
CGW Necklace Sale price$535.00 USD
Charlotte Petite Wire Ring
Charlotte Petite Wire Ring Sale price$550.00 USD
Crown Earrings
Crown Earrings Sale price$890.00 USD
Crown Lariat
Crown Lariat Sale price$620.00 USD
Crown Necklace
Crown Necklace Sale price$575.00 USD
Cupid Necklace
Tarin Thomas
Cupid Necklace Sale priceFrom $198.00 USD
Cupid Ring
Tarin Thomas
Cupid Ring Sale priceFrom $198.00 USD
Deco Point Necklace
Diamond Baguette Bar Necklace
Diamond Baguette Cluster Necklace
Diamond Baguette Cluster Whisper Ring