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Isla Ring
Wolf Circus
Isla Ring Sale price$65.00 USD Regular price$160.00 USD
Paxton Ring
Wolf Circus
Paxton Ring Sale price$100.00 USD Regular price$125.00 USD
Gino Ring
Wolf Circus
Gino Ring Sale price$145.00 USD Regular price$195.00 USD
Austyn Ring
Wolf Circus
Austyn Ring Sale price$95.00 USD Regular price$150.00 USD
Box Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver
Wolf Circus
Box Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver Sale price$64.99 USD Regular price$80.00 USD
Elsa Ring
Stella and Bow
Elsa Ring Sale price$200.00 USD Regular price$242.00 USD
3 Opal Equilibrium Ring
Emerald Spear Necklace
Cluster Stud Earring - Single
Deco Point Necklace
6.5” Neuw Bracelet
6.5” Neuw Bracelet Sale price$170.00 USD
B/W Diamond Eternity Band
B/W Diamond Eternity Band Sale price$850.00 USD
Cosmic Phire Necklace
AK Studio
Cosmic Phire Necklace Sale price$105.00 USD Regular price$122.00 USD
Candice Ring
Wolf Circus
Candice Ring Sale price$105.00 USD Regular price$150.00 USD
Block Ring
Stella and Bow
Block Ring Sale price$60.00 USD Regular price$70.00 USD
Ruby 3S Necklace
3 Baguette Equilibrium Ring
Baguette Emerald Petite Equilibrium Ring
Diamond Deco Point Triangle Stud Earring (Single)
Diamond Baguette Bar Necklace
Emerald Deco Point Triangle Stud Earring
3 Dot Stud Earring
18" Neuw Necklace
18" Neuw Necklace Sale price$348.00 USD
16” Second Skin Necklace
16” Second Skin Necklace Sale price$220.00 USD
6.5" Brick Bracelet
6.5" Brick Bracelet Sale price$335.00 USD
6" Second Skin Bracelet
6" Second Skin Bracelet Sale price$145.00 USD
6.5" Haystack Bracelet
6.5" Haystack Bracelet Sale price$180.00 USD
Raindrop Earring - Single
Raindrop Earring - Single Sale price$264.00 USD
Multi Colored Eternity Band
Multi Colored Eternity Band Sale price$625.00 USD
Mini Diamond Huggie Earrings
Standard Diamond Huggie Earrings
Diamond Mini Square Necklace
Kelsie Chain Necklace in Gold
Wolf Circus
Kelsie Chain Necklace in Gold Sale price$80.00 USD Regular price$100.00 USD
Daniella Mix Cuff
Daniella Mix Cuff Sale price$150.00 USD
Constellation Pisces Charm Necklace
Jadeite Equilibrium Ring
Diamond Etude Ring
Jennie Kwon Designs
Diamond Etude Ring Sale priceFrom $462.99 USD Regular price$660.00 USD
Diamond Peak Ring
East West Onyx Equilibrium Ring
Diamond Dolce Necklace
Baguette Wave Necklace
Jennie Kwon Designs
Baguette Wave Necklace Sale price$685.00 USD Regular price$741.00 USD
Diamond Spear Necklace
Two Diamond Pearl Ring
White Equilibrium Cuff Ring
14” Neuw Necklace
14” Neuw Necklace Sale price$348.00 USD
15” Second Skin Necklace
15” Second Skin Necklace Sale price$220.00 USD
Baby Emerald Stud - Single
Baby Emerald Stud - Single Sale price$115.00 USD
6.5" Greg Bracelet
6.5" Greg Bracelet Sale price$200.00 USD