Flamingo Estate

Garden Essentials Yellow Blossom Bar Soap

$59.00 CAD

Flamingo Estate | Garden Essentials Yellow Blossom Bar Soap

We start with fresh Eureka Lemon and Hawaiian Turmeric. We layer biointensive Beeswax with Brazilian Babassu and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Central Coast to make a creamy Soap, that once firm, lathers like a dream.

Our Olive Oil was harvested on the Central Coast of California. The texture is creamy and nourishing, making the Soap into a moisturizing milk.

Packed full of Garden ingredients, this recipe is hyper-simple, but the process is not – everything is truly made by hand and sourced from a fully traceable collection of growers. One important example is our Babassu Oil, which we sourced as an alternative to dreadful Palm Oil. It is harvested on the perimeter of the rainforest in Brazil by local communities, rather than industrialized. The seeds are gathered by a collective of Indigenous women who use the funds to directly support their families and community.


This is the home of radical pleasure. High atop the hills of Los Angeles, hidden by a lush orchard and dense gardens, Flamingo Estate is a pleasure-obsessed home of sun-worship, folk mythologies, and psychedelic remedies grown only by farmers we know and trust.

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