Solar Door Signet Ring

$76.00 USD
Merewif | Solar Door Signet Ring

A gold plated ring adorned with a single genuine opal at center.

- 3mm Opal
- Gold Plated Brass

All Merewif gold plated jewelry is 100% brass with a much thicker gold plate than the industry standard, and once the pieces are plated, a protective finish is added to prolong the life of the gold plate. There is no nickel in any of Merewif's materials and their gold plated jewelry should hold it’s plating for years if the wearer takes proper care of the piece.

To prolong the life of your gold plated and gold filled pieces, we recommend removing your jewelry when doing the following:

- Swimming (chlorine and salt can affect plating over time), showering, or washing your hands
- Applying lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.
- Cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals
- Rings when getting a manicure and necklaces/earrings when having hair treated
- Do not use jewelry cleaner on plated items. You can polish these pieces with a damp cloth.
Solar Door Signet Ring

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