Mod Cabin

Shampoo Bar - Wild Hunt

$10.00 USD
Mod Cabin | Shampoo Bar in Wild Hunt

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Lather up with this solid shampoo bar! Mod Cabin formulated their Wild Hunt Shampoo Bar to provide rich lather and lots of suds. They’re long lasting and easy to use. They can be used as body soap, too, so they make great multipurpose bars. And we still hot process them the old fashioned way! The end result is a powerful solid shampoo bar that cleanses and conditions with a blast of energizing spearmint and the warm, citrus scent of bergamot.

- Made with 100% natural ingredients
- This all-natural, hot processed shampoo bars provide rich lather, and leave hair soft, shiny, and clean
- Easy to use and travel with
- Made with coconut oil and pure essential oils
- No Palm Oil
- Approx. 3 oz. Puck in Compostable Box

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, pure essential oils

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