Friday and River

2.5 oz Leather Candle

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Friday and River | 2.5 oz Leather Candle

Yuzu and the Sea blends Japanese yuzu citrus with salty oceanic notes. This scented candle is bright and fresh, with top notes of satsuma, bergamot and ruby red grapefruit, with base notes of oakmoss, drift wood and warm ocean air.

Woodland Cabin combines woody notes of pine, palo santo and a touch of patchouli for a warm and crisp scent. Reminiscent of a long hike in the forest along the Pacific coast, this scented soy candle has accents of sweet berries and spices with citrus and mint undertones.

Into The Forest blends fresh Fraser fir with just a hint of a smokey campfire. With subtle notes of citrus and sandalwood, this bright scent reminds you of winter but is perfect for year-round burning.

Sierra Trail mixes rich notes of amber, sandalwood and a hint of tobacco for a warm and smooth scent. With touches of oakmoss and black tea, this complex scented soy candle brings warmth to any setting.

- 100% Leather wrapped reusable glass vessel 
- Natural soy wax and cotton wicks
- Phthalate-free fragrance oil
- Approx. 15 hours of burn time

2.5 oz Leather Candle

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