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Where Are Nudie Jeans Made?

Learn about where Nudie Jeans are made and about the production of their jeans.



Nudie Jeans Co. denim jeans are produced in Tunisia for 64% of their pairs and 36% of the production is handled in the clothing manufacturing quality hub of Italy. The 100% organic cotton that is sourced for each pair in the production process comes from Turkey, Italy and Japan, with Japanese cotton being the standard to meet for any quality pair of denim. Nudie Jeans pride their label upon sustainability and ethical practices from start to finish in the process of any of their products being sold.

Facts About Nudie Jeans' Production.

The label’s main supplier is Future Mode based out of Tunisia in North Africa; Future Mode’s main role is the oversight of the entire production process. Subcontracting associated with Future Mode specialize in the procedures of cutting, washing, sewing and packing products. With ethical procedures in mind with every product Nudies makes, representatives from the brand are there throughout the process to ensure ethics are kept at their various contracted producers.  

Nudies Jeans Are Quality You Can Count On

When it comes to judging the quality behind a product, one quick thing most of us can do is check where it was made. When it comes to clothing, we look for the capitals of quality production like Japan, Italy, England, and the United States where quality is a staple when putting together are styles. This isn’t to say quality manufacturing can’t come from other places by any means; Nudies has shown a testament to this with their Tunisian operation where some of the most quality and comfortable pairs of jeans are produced.  

One thing that matters are the details, and the details may not always be so obvious. This can be a great thing, especially when investing in that go-to pair of everyday jeans or that perfect fitting staple white tee. Details aside, foundation is the most essential aspect of creating any piece. Nudies exemplify this balance between high grade essentials containing details that bring out the most in each garment.

Some of the best pairs to start any rotation with Nudies will be their Light Stone wash, because as much as we love a great pair of worn-in raw’s, we also can’t expect everyone to be willing to put in that work at the start. Our variety at Azalea does change with the seasons, but right now heading into the summer we have a few great staple light indigo washes that can be added to most wardrobes. Check out our Indigo Mountain, Broken Summer or Authentic Bleach washes to keep you ready for cool summer evenings, or any sun filled occasion.