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What Does Carhartt WIP Mean?

Find out what Carhartt WIP means and how it has influenced fashion.



Carhartt WIP stands for Carhartt Work In Progress, a sub-label to the original founded in 1989 for an ever expanding European and Asian market overseas. WIP is most notably known for its modern cuts of classic Carhartt pieces with additional details such as corduroy collars on classic jackets, artistic patterns on short sleeved shirts, or streetwear-influenced accessories such as headwear and bags. Pieces are heavily influenced by the once underground and now mainstream street fashion scene, and the brand itself is represented well in these areas with a skate and BMX team, an independent radio show known as “Carhartt Radio” which can be found on SoundCloud, and various forms of photography which defines the age of media made art that surrounds us. 


Fashion Facts About the Carhartt WIP Brand.

Carhartt expanded during the Great Depression again after initially downsizing, and eventually changed its trademark to include the thoughtful durability of its clothing, with materials resistant to water, fire, abrasions, and heavy-duty threads. Carhartt WIP's list of collaborators is a unique one that shows what the brand stands for, teaming up with like minded individuals in creative directions that seems to always bring the best out of both parties involved. With a wide range of outerwear such as coats, jackets and vests, Carhartt also specializes in footwear and accessories such as bags, hats, and even aprons.
Furthering that idea WIP stands as a label to propel the art, music, skate and fashion cultures of the creative minds that wear and represent Carhartt to the fullest. Additionally, WIP serves as a subtle yet quality label that is easily incorporated into a wide plethora of styles and wardrobes. Whether its a lasting jacket, an accessory, or just essential tees, WIP delivers on its promise of quality and uniqueness that equally plays off on its wearer's individuality. 


Here at Azalea, some of our more notably unique offerings from WIP can be seen with our Script Bucket Hat, a simple yet notable headwear choice for those looking to add another element to their visual ideas. The Deming Jacket adds an element with our lineup of goods that no cold city should be without, a puffer. The puffer’s image in the New York 90s hip-hop scene, most notably scene across figures such as Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., or Jay-Z to simply name a few, is as timeless as Carhartt WIP itself. Lastly, our assortment of a variety of colorways to the brands immortal pieces (most notably, the Detroit Jacket and Michigan Coat) is something that is constantly updated and changing. So if you like a color, pick it up as it may not be back any time soon!