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Should I Wash My Nudie Jeans?

Wondering if you should wash your Nudie Jeans? Get the facts on when, and how often, you should wash your Nudie Jeans.




This is an interesting question, because it has a lot of answers and a lot of opinions among those who care about their denim. The short answer would be yes, but only if necessary. Now the long (correct) answer would be that it depends on what kind of denim you have, and why you need/don’t need to wash them.

Facts About Washing Nudie Jeans.

First things first, don’t wash your denim after every wear. Now this may come off a bit strange at first considering cleanliness. If they’re a pair of Nudies or not, denim holds their original wash and fit much better when not subjected to the washing machine. Washing your jeans effectively warps the fit (usually shrinking) around random areas that can leave your jeans looking somewhat disproportionate.

Washing may rinse out the wash your jeans has. If you’re looking for a very washed out looking pair, we say go get a pair with that already done to save yourself a potential fit issue from continual washing and to be more conscious of the environment. If you’re going to wash, try hand washing or soaking. Both methods are much more gentle than your typical washing machine and do a great job typically at cleaning your denim if the odor or look is getting out of your comfort range. 

Keep in mind to never throw your jeans in the dryer. This is where major shrinking typically occurs and will effectively ruin that pair of Nudies you have come to love.  Cold water is another element that should always be used, and a lot of people may be thinking that warmer water usually does a better job at removing stains or marks, but if you wish to preserve that wash and fit then cold water is the way to go. 

Read your jeans wash tags! This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people overlook this step that can definitely help with the cleaning process of your garment.


Raw denim effectively stands on its own when it comes to figuring out how to wash. The biggest rule of thumb with raws is to wash them as sparingly as you can. We mentioned in the previous paragraph to only wash your jeans when necessary; now take that and hold yourself to an even stricter standard when it comes to raw denim. Raw denim has that beautiful and rich indigo color that will almost certainly never be the same after you wash and rinse out the dye in areas that you didn’t actually wear down. Nudie Jeans instructs a minimum six-month period ideally before that first wash. If you manage to get past that point, your wear on that pair will show beautifully after the initial wash, with dirt and residue soaking out and your individual wear patterns beginning to show even more.