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Is It Safe To Wear Safety Pins As Earrings?

Curious about wearing safety pins as earrings? Find out if it is safe to wear safety pins as earrings and other helpful information.




Yes, but it should be advised that wearing regular safety pins may not be the safest method as there is no guarantee from infection. A safer route would be to invest in one produced by a jeweler, as the protection from a potential infection is there along with a more stylized and personalized choice when it comes to your jewelry. 


Why do People Wear Safety Pins as Earrings?

The individual style comes from the 70s and 80s punk rock scene, and a very notable individual who wore this symbol was British punk rocker Johnny Rotten, a member of the band The Sex Pistols. Rotten wore not only safety pins as earrings, but even notably across jackets and shirts as well. It additionally becomes very ironic that this subculture has had so much influence on mainstream fashion considering its origins as an anti-establishment and rebellious subculture. Once a trend or style gets picked up through mainstream fashion, we will see it expand its audience further than expected.

At the shop we currently carry a very nice safety pin piece from one of our favorite jewelry labels, Loren Stewart. This 14K gold piece adds a nice touch of rich gold color to a subtle statement in the safety pin. Typically, safety pins are worn on one side or the other, not as a set, but that isn’t to say it hasn’t been done before or that you can’t put together a unique jewelry look to complement your style.