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Is Carhartt WIP Good Quality?

Do you want to buy Carhartt WIP but first want to know if it’s a good quality brand? We have the answers, read below to find out more.



Yes! Carhartt WIP is a contemporary pseudo workwear label for the more style-oriented consumer who looks for the modern silhouette but the undeniably lasting quality of the original Carhartt. Carhartt WIP was created in 1989 and aimed to enhance already popular classic pieces such as the Detroit Jacket and Michigan Chore Coat to meet additional details and stylized choices for an expanding European and Asian market that was being heavily influenced by street fashion, art, music and skate cultures alike. Throughout the WIP line you’ll still see cotton dungarees, waxed finished coats or heavy weight denim all with the urban influence of street culture that has integrated itself into the mainstream of today’s fashion world. 


Facts About the Carhartt WIP Brand & Quality.

In 2019 organic cotton was integrated across collections for the WIP line, adding yet another layer to Carhartt’s infamous quality and legacy. The Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket employs a very durable and comfortable 100% Organic Cotton “Dearborn” Canvas which weighs 12 oz., and still holds the original fit of the tried and true original. Every piece within the WIP line can be seen as a testament to the original Carhartt, however the WIP line features cuts and styles that fit a more casual lifestyle.

Carhartt’s lineage in the rail yards and construction sites of the U.S. brought it credibility across the blue-collar masses, and once hip-hop artists, skaters, and fashion aficionados alike got wind of it, it’s street credibility continued to the point of WIPs creation.

Carhartt WIP adds the element of an already broad audience to an even more expanded one that looks to add the next layer to its community. Maybe the traditional Detroit doesn’t quite have everything you look for in your lifestyle... fear not! The WIP version just might be the solution, with additional detailing such as a mesh lining, corduroy collar, and a rinsed wax colorway. WIP embodies what we search for in brands to be brought to the Azalea, timelessness yet with modern innovation to fit our intricate personalities. Sometimes less is more, and Carhartt WIP brings with it the subtle details that make up for other logo heavy and always changing jackets across the market.