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Is Carhartt A Designer?

Are you curious if Carhartt is a designer? Find out more about Carhartt and where you can buy this brand online.



No, Carhartt itself is not a designer, rather one of the most iconic and oldest workwear brands which started in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan here in the United States. Think of Carhartt as a staple label that has a history and influence that spans the globe today, with design coming from a deep rooted history in the rail yards, farms, and industrial workers of America. The underground hip-hop, street fashion, art, and skate cultures, to name just a few, have all been influenced by their presence. 


Facts About Carhartt.

The name itself comes from founder Hamilton Carhartt, whose initial drive was to create the best pair of overalls made from duck canvas for America’s industrial workforce. Hamilton’s passion was so profound that early records indicated that he went to railways and asked workers what they were in need of, and what elements would cater to their needs, thus creating the everlasting reputation for making quality garments for the industrial workers across the country. Carhartt has had operations spanning the globe since the early 1900s with factories located in Vancouver, Liverpool, and eventually Paris in 1925, creating a global impact that would eventually inspire the WIP line.

In 1989 the brand introduced the expansion of the label, Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) a line geared towards European and Asian markets that takes iconic pieces, such as the Detroit Jacket, and refines them with extra attention to detail and style, but still holding the true DNA of Carhartt. The WIP line itself has worked with a great deal of talented designers in collaborations with Jean Touitou of the staple French label A.P.C., Japanese cult streetwear legend Shinsuke Takizawa of Neighborhood, one of Europe’s most profound boutiques in Patta of Holland, California cult skate brand Vans, and esteemed Japanese designer Junya Watanabe, to name just a few. 

Carhartt, being one of the most successful and well-known workwear brands across the globe, still holds a high standard for its recognition within workwear. Its core is still committed to building rugged and heavy duty garments, but now has an audience that is as eclectic as ever from the fields of the midwest to some of the fashion hubs of the world in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. 

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