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Do Agolde Jeans Run Small?

Wondering how to size your Agolde Jeans? Read more below to find out more about Agolde's denim.




 As with almost any pair of denim the best thing to do is try them on before purchasing if possible. Agolde, or any denim brand for that matter, may have individuals who have had pairs and thought they ran small or large, but didn’t know their true size in reality. 

Tips for Sizing Jeans.

If you aren’t able to try on a pair, we recommend getting your measurements and comparing them with the measurements provided on our website. Denim stretches from its original fit even ever so slightly with elastane-heavy pairs. When cared for correctly (i.e. using the correct washing methods) you can reduce this from happening. 

Jean style may alter the fit that you’re used to having. For example, with high-waisted vs. mid-rise denim, your waist size may be slightly different for each pair because of where the pants are supposed to sit on the waist.

 When it comes to denim fits there is a wide variety of fits and for good reason, the vast amount of body types that are out there aren’t all suitable for one fit. With that, certain fits exaggerate areas on purpose based on design, and to give that option of variety. Next time you come by the shop we suggest you try on at least a few pairs to get yourself familiar with brands, fits and styles. Agolde is certainly a brand you don’t want to miss.