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Are Nudie Jeans Raw Denim?

Curious about Nudie Jeans denim? Find out if all Nudie Jeans are made of raw denim.




No, not all Nudies are raw pairs, although the company specializes and started their namesake off their raw denim. They have a great selection of goods that even expands beyond denim. However, with any brand that puts quality of their products at the forefront of their name the way Nudie does, heritage inevitably becomes something that defines them as time passes.

Nudie Jeans Raw Denim Facts.

Nudie's raw denim is where it all started. The company started in 2001 based out of Sweden, and prides itself on distinctiveness and going against the norm.  Combining the individuality that comes with breaking in some raws and the mission for global sustainability, we get the foundation to a heritage denim brand. 

Raw denim makes a heavier pair of jeans, with a raw untreated/unwashed indigo dyed cotton and traditionally has a long lifespan. When you first get a pair, they will be stiff, and this might be a turnoff if you’re used to the denim that is more commonly found everywhere and has an elastane component to give it some stretch. Before purchasing any raws, one thing to note is that they will bleed indigo dye almost certainly onto what they come into contact with.

If you decide to try some raw denim, they will almost guarantee a longer lifespan and become exceptionally enjoyable to wear as the fit contours to your body. For most who are purchasing raw denim this is a plus, and the uniqueness that comes from each pair bleeding is almost entirely influenced by your wear patterns. As time goes on, bleeding will cease once an area has been worn down enough. Nudie Jeans, as a brand that has prided itself upon their raw denim since day one, is a sure bet when getting your first pair 

With a variety of cuts and fits, and even stretch-based raws for those who still aren’t completely sure about the whole uncomfortable aspect of them, you’re certain to find a foundational pair of raw denim from Nudie Jeans for those colder months that may eventually turn into your go-to pair.