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Are Nudie Jeans Good Quality?

Want to know if Nudie Jeans are good quality? Find out more about Nudie Jeans from Azalea. 




Yes! Nudie Jeans are some of the highest quality jeans and equally environmentally conscious denim companies in the world. The Swedish label started in 2001 and comes with a mission to support the environment and skip no steps to ensure lifelong quality products; you simply can’t go wrong with owning a pair. 


Facts About Nudie Jeans Brand & Quality.

Nudies take their quality one step further than most with a lifetime Free Repair Guarantee that is intended to keep wearers on that same pair. Additionally, they  use 100% organic cotton across all their denim. Besides the environmental aspect of the company's initiative and quality, they equally take the denim creation process very seriously. Their specialty comes in the form of raw denim, a denim that is untreated and takes its direction entirely based upon the wearer's habits. Raw denim typically comes at a tradeoff of momentary discomfort for long term comfort, as almost nobody will argue with you when they say worn in raws are the most comfortable jeans one could own. 

Besides raw or dry denim (same thing!), Nudies offer plenty of other jeans in a variety of fits and styles that range from their relaxed, regular, slim, and tight fits. Across the board, you get excellent quality in every pair, as fabric is sourced for the brand from suppliers in Turkey, Italy and Japan. And as any denim enthusiast will know, Japanese cotton is bar none in comparison to every kind across the globe. Additionally, production for their denim occurs in Tunisia and Italy, where sustainable and ethical production methods are of the highest importance, while also ensuring superb quality in each pair. 

Denim is one of those wardrobe items that is intended to be coveted for a long period of time, some pairs for an entire lifetime. When most are making the transition from lower quality pairs of denim, it can be quite daunting looking at the plethora of cuts, washes, brands, and designs to choose from. 

We at Azalea have taken a huge step out of the way when it comes to finding that right pair. We only carry labels we feel meet our denim quality expectations at the fullest. Nudie Jeans are a staple for this, when you leave your most recent pair of mall bought 501s for your first pair of Japanese Drys with Nudie, you may have just stepped into a pair that will be with you forever. The unique possibilities that await with any fresh pair of drys is where anyone should start on their denim journey. Nudie Jeans' quality makes them a top tier choice when building a foundational denim rotation. Their cuts, washes, and styles do vary, however once you find that correct fit you’ll be more satisfied with the longevity than almost any other piece that’s in your wardrobe (besides that tried and true vintage Levi’s denim jacket you have).