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Are Agolde Jeans Good Quality?

Wondering if Agolde jeans are good quality? Find about Agolde jeans' quality and more about the brand.



Agolde makes exceptional denim. The collective label based out of Los Angeles has a firm brand mission in bringing denim that functions as well as it looks. Agolde jeans are primarily based off of rare vintage pairs with fits that are nearly impossible to find today and fetch a serious price when available.

Agolde Jeans Quality & Brand Facts.

The label not only takes influence from vintage denim, they also have a team who look for artists and creatives that meet their standards throughout the design process. Every pair has attention to detail as the main focus, as it isn’t easy to bring quality denim to the board that feels as good as it appears.The brand sources their fabric from across the globe and equally keeps environmental sustainability in mind when producing pairs, much like our other brands we have at the shop. Testing materials all through the production process is what makes practicality, aesthetics, and sustainability possible for their products. The applied science and innovation that makes this happen is done through laser technology, ozone machines, and extremely efficient washing methods to reduce their global impact on the environment. 

Finding reliable denim can be a very difficult task, especially when fits, styles, washes and price points are constantly fluctuating with seasons and the latest trends. Agolde doesn’t change any of these factors and stays true to their own innovative work, bringing a fine lineup of denim with every collection. If you’re looking for that next pair of jeans that adds a great vintage and unique aspect to your wardrobe, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair from Agolde.

In the store we currently have a selection of “Hi Rise” pairs that range in length, wash, and design elements that have a tried and true reputation for quality in every area. Agolde is a brand we love here at Azalea that fits with all of our other products, where continual wear and elevated details are at the forefront of importance.