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ENDS MONDAY 9/25: 20% off ORDERS $150+ WITH CODE: 150FOR20


Woody, Spicy, Cinnamon
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The Brutal Truth moisturiser was developed using native plant bases from selected parts of Australia to combat the effects of the harsh Australian climate. The Brutal Truth's moisturiser will replenish and rejuvenate dry and sun damaged skin and leave you smelling great at the same time.
Brutal Truth Moisturiser is an original combination of many ingredients including Australian natives such as Kakadu Plum, and Old Man Weed.  Old Man Weed (or Centipeda Cunninghamii ) is a plant found along parts of Australia’s longest waterway, the Murray River and acts like a cell regenerator with anti-inflammatory and bacteria static properties.  Kakadu Plum grows across the top end of Australia and has been a traditional source of bush tucker, antiseptic and healing remedy for the Indigenous people across Arnhem Land for thousands of years. 
There are no parabens, sulphates, artificial colours or animal testing with our products.
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