20% OFF ON ORDERS $150+. BYE WINTER! (finally) CODE: 150FOR20.
20% OFF ON ORDERS $150+. BYE WINTER! (finally) CODE: 150FOR20.


Sanctuary Dia Ring
Sterling Silver
Product Info -
The Sanctuary Dia Ring is a unique criss-cross ring detailed with a sterling silver diamond shape with small etchings and two grey diamonds in the center. 
- Sterling Silver, Grey Diamond
- Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY 
As artists, designers and craftsman, Lio and Linn share over 10 years experience in the art of metalwork and woodwork. They honor the process of “thinking with our hands” and embrace fine detail found in art, craft and design. Together they work in unison, creating metal and woodwork merged into jewelry, objects and furniture designs that engage the spirit of personal adventure. Through an exchange of ideas, Lio and Linn experiment with organically inspired materials to fashion fresh forms and evoke curiosity.
All pieces are delicate in nature and should be treated accordingly. Pieces with stones should be protected from impact or bending, as stones are meticulously and precisely set, and may pop out of their settings if shifted in any way. For best results, have a professional jeweler clean your piece to ensure longevity. Please contact us regarding any repairs due to normal wear and tear and we will be happy to connect you with the jewelry vendor.
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